NetConf is a native (non-Web) application for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 or later that provides a GUI alternative to the netsh command line interface. It provide much more control and information than the Microsoft supplied GUI network management tools, especially for IPv6. NetConf will run and install on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 but some of the advanced functions will not work due to missing IPv6 functionality on those platforms. For example, on those platforms you cannot disable Router Discovery, so SLAAC will always happen. You can disable Prefix Information being sent in Router Advertisements on some IPv6 routers or firewalls to stop SLAAC from happening, but that will affect all nodes in the subnet.

Support for NetConf is available only via email, on an as-available basis.

NetConf is useful to anyone deploying IPv6, but it is particularly valuable to someone learning IPv6, or to developers who are creating IPv6 applications.

Note: if you click on the link below, it will download the installer and warn you that this is an executable. You can override this and run it anyway. It is recommended that you right click the link and select "Save target as...". This will save the file (NetConf32.msi) on your computer, where you can check it with virus scanners, etc. Your browser may try to download, virus scan and run it anyway. If it does, you can abort that, or delete the copy it downloads.

The downloaded file is an "msi" installer. You will need administrator privilege to run the installer, as well as to run the application (since it can set and change network configuration). If your login has administrator privilege, the application will automatically elevate its privilege. If it doesn't, it will elevate as high as it can, and some functions will work, but others (like setting or changing network configuration) require full admin privilege. You do not need to execute the program with the "Run as Administrator" option.

NetConf is a "managed" .Net application. The .Net Framework (4.0 or later) is required to run. If you don't have this installed already, you can get it from here.

NetConf User Guide

NetConf Installer for Windows 32

After you run the installer, there will be three new shortcuts in All Programs / Sixscape / NetConf. One is to run NetConf, one is get the User Guide in PDF, and the other is to uninstall NetConf. You can also uninstall the program by running the .msi again and choosing "Remove", or via the Control Panel / Programs and Features applet. There will also be a shortcut for running NetConf installed on your Desktop.

The IPv6 tutorial on this site assumes you have NetConf installed. Please download and install it before starting the tutorial.